The main reason for starting my own web site was to try and trace old school friends from the 60's.

I have now re-establish some long lost friendships and it is quite wonderful to hear from so many 'Anciennes' .

'La Grande Reunion' in Paris in April 2005 proved to be a resounding success. We had over 90 girls attending.

We have since had further reunions in Switzerland 2007, Mallorca 2009, Brussels 2011, Rome 2014, Munich 2016,

and Fribourg, Switzerland 2019. The school site is now closed.

I have set out to try and make a site attracting as many varied interests as possible.

The Victorian and Vintage cards are a great hit and I am regularly updating the pages.

The website is basically a hobby for me. Hope you enjoy it.

I always mark my own designs : ame design.

Music is a bit hit and miss on my site.

Victorian Birthday Cards...

Cats and Dogs. Victorian and Vintage cards and images...


I started my website about 20 years ago and have now decided to cut back on the time I spend

designing and putting it all together. I have had some wonderful feedback which has made it worthwhile.

Before my guestbook 'counter' disappeared I had over 53,000 visitors which was quite something.

My Christmas pages plus the Victorian and vintage cards are the most popular and I shall of course carry on

updating them when time permits.

I would finally like to thank many of the web artists who have been invaluable.

I started as a complete novice and I have benefited so much from their expertise.

The only thing i haven't quite conquered is the music on my pages but you can't win them all!

Wishing my visitors a really wonderful Christmas and hoping that 2021 will be an improvement on 2020.


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