Histoires des Photos

Stadlbaur's Mother, (Miss Peri-Morosini) born in Lugano,1901, her sisters Letizia (the elder one)

and Yolanda (the younger one) had been educated at La Chassotte, approx. 1917 to 1921.

Miss Peri-Morosini as she then was, kept in contact with her old school friend

the Comtesse de Zoubuloff de la Russie Tsaristique for many years.

Mr. Stadlbaur found these old papers (pictures) in a box in the cellar of his home.

Yet another very interesting story of 'Les filles de La Chassotte'.


Les Soeurs Morosini avec Karl, Emperor of Austria and his wife Zita.


Photographs Circa 1900


Portrait of the Russian Comtesse (de) Zoubuloff who was educated at La Chassotte.