Forget me not!

It signifies Faithfulness and Friendship

A legend connected to the 'Forget me Not'.

It is said that a boy and a girl were walking by a river that flows into the Rhine.

The girl saw a lovely flower growing just by the water's edge.

The bank of the river was steep and the water swift. "Oh, the beautiful flower!" she cried.

"I will get it for you," said the boy. He sprang over the side of the steep bank and

catching hold of the shrubs and bushes, made his way to the place where the flower grew.

He tried to tear the plant from the earth with both hands

hoping to get it all for her as she was watching him from the bank above.



The stem broke and still clasping the flower, he fell backward into the rushing stream.

"Forget me not!" he cried to her as the waters bore him down to the falls below.

She never did forget her friend who had lost his life trying to get her a flower.

"Forget me not!" she would say over and over until her friends called her the little blue flower .

Description of the Forget-Me-Not blossom.
The 'forget me not' is also called Myosotis, which means mouse’s ear in Greek