I love hedgehogs.

They are super super cute!!

They 'snuffle' about and just get on with their nocturnal duties.

Apparently there is a cronic shortage in the UK at the moment.

When I returned home once one early evening I found one crossing the road .

I rushed inside for a pan and brush and scooped him up.

I then positioned him amoungst the hedgerow.

The next few days I looked out for him but i expect that

he had travelled to pastures new.

Since then I have become a huge fan.

I even have a fluffy hedgehog toy.

Sits at the bottom of my stairs.

There are many charitable hedgehog and wildlife trusts doing

great voluntary work throughout the country.

I enclose a link below for one of them.

A guidance on how to help your hedgehog.

Hedgehogs in the Garden

BY....Angela Wybrow

I went outside to retrieve the washing one night;
It was dark, apart from a glimmer of moonlight.
Suddenly, I was aware of a very strange sound.
Feeling rather worried, I began to look around.

To my surprise, I saw two hedgehogs there;
Busy searching for their food, without a care.
Gone were my former feelings of anxiety and fright;
They were swiftly replaced with joy and sheer delight.

I stood and watched the two hedgehogs in total awe,
As I’d never been that close to a live hedgehog before.
I had absolutely no idea that these creatures roamed,
Unseen by me, each night, so very close to our home.

Of my presence, I’m not sure that they were aware,
But my close proximity, they seemed happy to bear.
To us, they were extremely welcome guests,
As hedgehogs are known to eat garden pests.

I stood in the garden, dressed in my cosy PJs,
Watching them both there, snuffling away.
I stood there watching for quite a while;
On my excited face, I wore a joyous smile.

From them, I struggled to tear my excited eyes away,
And I really hoped that they would return the next day.
They visited us for a few weeks, then disappeared,
But, the memory of their visits, to me, is still dear.