Old Forge Cottage

The cottage itself is well over 350 years old.

Previously known as 'Flint Cottage'.

The name has been changed over the years.

The earliest documentation we have is dated 1738.

The dwelling was originally for farm workers;

a two up and two down, with a loo (toilet) in the garden!

At the side of the cottage was a butcher's shop.

It was renovated in the early 70's before we moved here 30 years ago.

Some time ago a gentleman of advancing years wanted to see the house

where he spent his holidays with his Grandmother many moons ago.

I invited him in and needless to say he said that it

had changed considerably since his youth.

I asked him if it was a happy home as everybody who visits us loves staying here.

He said that they were the happiest memories of his childhood.

So the 'spirit' lives on and the ghosts are friendly!

The photograph below is of his Grandmother in the front of the cottage .

She is buried in our local churchyard.



Needless to say the cottage has changed quite considerably!!!

Wisteria and clematis in full bloom.



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