Old Forge Cottage

The cottage itself is well over 350 years old.

Previously known as 'Flint Cottage'.

The name has been changed over the years.

The earliest documentation we have is dated 1738.

The dwelling was originally for farm workers;

a two up and two down, with a loo (toilet) in the garden!

At the side of the cottage was a butcher's shop.

It was renovated in the early 70's before we moved here over 30 years ago.

Below is a photo of a previous owner ...way way back.



Needless to say the cottage has changed quite considerably!!!

Wisteria in full bloom.2019

Introducing our many dogs who have shared their lives with us.

Yogi....Holly....Clemmie....Hector. (all in 'doggy heaven' now)

You have probably gathered that our house needs a dog.!

Me too!!

So ...in memory of Hector we have another working Cocker Spaniel.

His name is Casper. Photos will be up shortly.

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