Mardi Gras

(Fat Tuesday) is a day of celebrations before the fasting

begins during Lent that leads up to Easter.

The Carnival festivities start in Venice

with the boat procession along the Grand Canal.

Because the date of Easter changes yearly,

so does the date for carnival festivals

which can be anywhere from February - March .

The ladies and gentlemen are resplendent in their elaborate

baroque costumes in and around St. Mark's Square.

The masks are truly exquisite and imaginative.

The big event is the 'Masked Ball'.

A 'theatre' of splendid costumes,beads and feathers

and of course lots of jewellery.

There are many other Carnival parades throughout the world.

New Orleans and of course the one in Rio are world renowned.

The celebrations in Quebec are called the 'Winter Carnival'.

Ice sculptures and snow events.

Throughout Europe also there are many different parades and traditions.

Some religious, some not so.

Unfortunately in England we just call it Shrove Tuesday.

Noting spectacular unfortunately!

We just eat pancakes instead!!!!! Shame.

Pancakes eaten either with cream and fruit

but the most popular pancakes are the ones

sprinkled with sugar and with a splash of lemon.