Pensionnat International de La Chassotte.

'Les Anciennes'.... (1950 - 1987)

School photograph taken 1963.

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If you recognise this picture

then I would love to hear from you.


The 'La Chassotte' web site has grown beyond my expectations

over the years and has proved an amazing success!

This is due to all the wonderful friendships

we made during our years at school and continue to make to this day.

Students from the different year groups have all got together to

remember and celebrate our memories of shared experiences.

The reunions in Paris, Fribourg, Mallorca,

Brussels and Rome were a great success.

Munich...Fantastique!!! (june 2016)

Thanks to the internet, facebook and 'skype' and of course e-mail

we can contact each other wherever we are in the world.

This site is for all of you.

Thank you for your support.

Merci pour toutes ces annees d'amitie

Reunion 2019..






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