The Christmas Tree

There are many myths and legends

surrounding the tradition of the Christmas tree.

The one I like the most is the story of Saint Boniface.

Saint Boniface was walking through some woods in Germany

when he came upon a gathering of people

with lighted candles who were just about to make an offering

to a pagan god by sacrificing a small boy already tied to an oak tree.

Saint Boniface stopped them, got them to put their candles on a nearby spruce tree,

and proceeded, by candle light, to teach them about a loving God

and the teachings of his son, Jesus.

It was Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's Husband,

who made the Christmas tree popular in England.

He decorated one in the German custom for his children

and wrote to his father in 1841.

"Today I have two children of my own,they are full of happy wonder

at the German Christmas tree and its radiant candles".