Thank you to all who have added a few comments in my guestbook.

Unfortunately my 'Sign my Guestbook' page doesn't work anymore!

Not sure how to fix this the meantime if you would

like to post any comments then please use my hotmail address.

Thank you....Anne

I love your cards.

Thank you so very much.


Gorgeous pictures and cards.

The victorian cards are great.

Many thanks for all your hard work.


Hi Anne

A friend from La Chassotte days.

You have a lovely site.



A very calming web site.

Always happy to spend time looking through.


Always something new to look at.

Very relaxing.

Keep up the good work.

Steph and Ed


Love visiting your site.

I have bookmarked it.

Thank you

Audrey. Holland

I always enjoy coming back here because everything here is wonderful and captivating.


Thank you for your generosity and for a beautifully designed site!
Molly Blayney

Loved the cards. Thank you for taking the care to put them up here so we may see them.


Very pretty web site.

Lots of hard work

Truly lovely

A @ T

Hi Anne!

This is Bev in Australia! Greetings!!

I’ve just spent a lovely evening looking at your


There’s so much beauty, artwork, colour,

humour.... thanks for your work in putting

them up so that we can see these lovely old

cards in all their glory.... and let their light

shine again!



My sister is really into Victorian decor and she will love your cards.

I will give her one for her birthday this week.

Cheers from Guelph, Ontario, Canada

A beatifull site like a dream.

It reminds my the childhood years.Thanks o lot ...


Very Nice....
Thank You...Have a wonderful day....

Groeten John

Thank you Anne for allowing me to share your beautiful images, from werever they came, such a joy.

We are originally from Portland, Dorset England, now living in Bulgaria,

we , my partner and I are teaching ourselves to paint etc, even though we are both pensioners,

we now have time to breath and enjoy the fruits of our youthful labour.

Looking forward to visiting your side more often.


Felicitations Anne



Lovely victorian pages.

Thanks for sharing


Hi Anne,

LOVED your vintage cards!

I was searching Google's images but you had a bunch of lovely ones I hadn't seen before.

Thank you ever so much for your kind and sharing heart. You displayed them so beautifully!

God Bless & have a glorious Easter.

Hugs~ Linda

Port Charlotte, FL

Delightful. Such hard work. Thank you for sharing.


Wonderful site. Thank you


Your Christmas pages are such a delight.

Puts me in the mood already.


Very Nice....
Thank You...Have a wonderful day....

Hi Anne,
LOVED your Easter vintage cards!

I was searching Google's images but you had a bunch of lovely ones I hadn't seen before.
Thank you ever so much for your kind and sharing heart.

You displayed them so beautifully!

God Bless & have a glorious Easter.

Hugs~ Linda

Port Charlotte, FL

I enjoyed your site, of course the more modern cards I was not interested in

but the victorian ones were great.


Thank you Anne for allowing me to share your beautiful images, from wherever they came, such a joy.
We are originally from Portland, Dorset England, now living in Bulgaria,
Looking forward to visiting your site more often.

Thanks for posting that collection.

My wife's 50th birthday is thismonth, and I'm trying to compile 50 cards to give her.

Your finecontribution was greatly appreciated!




Your pages are beautiful. Happy Christmas

Chassotte friend

A lovely spirit of Christmas. Thanks.


I always look at your site at Christmas time.

A 'glow' in my heart.

From Holland

Fantastic..thank you...Happy Christmas


Thank you for all the beautiful things that you do on your site.

I Love it.

Like to look at your site in the evenings.

I find it very relaxing. Your pictures are fantastic.


Truly beautiful!

An Aussie Fan

Merci Anne..C'est manifique.


Marie Christine (la Chassotte)

Love your site..thank you for sharing.


Your site is beautiful. Alway lovely pictures.

A real delight.

Miriam (holland)





.....through the eyes of innocence.




Félicitations Anne, c'est superbe, vous avez une collection photos incroyable,

dans la diversité et les montages sont fabuleux. A bientôt, avec mes amitiés


Many times my soul and my heart are full of sickness et entrer dans ton site,simplement visiter,

just for few minutes your marvellouse "ALBUM",

it gives me joy et une force interieure, ainsi je continu ma journé.

merçi,my unforgettable friend.


The beauty of your site is overwhelming to me.

I visit often to see your vibrant colors and soft photos.

Thank you so very much

..for all that you share..


I wish you and your family all the best .

Maria Teresa Guarini

Thank you for providing all the beauty of this Blessed Holiday!

This year, even more beautiful.

Blessings to you and yours,

Merry Christmas~&~ Happy New Year...


I think your pages are the most happy pages that i have ever seen.

Thanks for giving hope and happiness

merry christmass from the snowy city of kozani in greece

Your site is beautiful. Thank you and a Happy Christmas


Het zijn heel mooi kaarten .Doe zo voort


I enjoyed your Christmas web site. Thank you for sharing.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from ........Greece

Had a rough day and needed to look at some Victorian Christmas cards,

and your website was the best. Such a great variety! Thank you-

I will email your site to my sister and I will come back often to visit!

Merry Christmas to you,


I am ENTHRALLED with your beautiful site.

Can't stop looking at everything!


Beautiful graphics. Enjoyed browsing.


I just happened upon your site while looking for a Christmas/Birthday card for my niece

who just loves all things victorian and I have to tell you that this is a beautiful place to be.

Lovely, lovely, lovely.


I visit your site each Christmas; I love the pages. Kudos again this year.

Wow, I really love your site and have been to Hector's Story Book and Photo Blog.

He's so cute and all his other companions too.

I was searching for Victorian BG when I stumble upon your site.

Can I snag some of the Victorian BG strips? I like your style

I love to put them in my Multiply Page.

Thanks and will be back to look from more updates about Hector.

Keep this website alive Ms Anne and God Bless You..


Lolita (Philippines

I thought your pages were lovely. I have bookmarked your pages

When I feel down I can look at all the beauty you have chosen to share

and I shall once again smile as I am doing now.

Thank you.


Thanks Anne for your lovely images


Your photos are phenomenal.

I am just starting a site called Miss where I have cake toppers and darling bead craft kits.

Dogs and Cats wearing crowns and other sweet items. I

had to write you when I saw your photography and will pop back into your site!



Your work is just incredible and I highly appreciate it.


Your garden is very nice.

It can make me happy.


I love your site.

I remember a lot of the cards as I went through my mothers old cards.

I love all Victorian and hope to add them into my scrapbook of family.


Your designs are beautiful!

I have really enjoyed your web-site.


merci anne, tout ce que tu as mis dans ton site,

je l'aime et lorsque j me sens triste ou seule il me suffit d'ouvrir une de tes pages

pour me senir mieux et mediter sur la beautè de ta vie ...merci


Your site is beautiful.

I like Victorian era and I still believe in faeries.

I appreciate your hard work and I hope you continue with the good work.

Thank you.


Thank you for doing this.

I love your Victorian items and backgrounds.


What a pretty website,

and how wonderful of you to share the images you have collected and created.

Your work is lovely.


Thankyou, Thankyou,Thankyou, for the delightful time I have just spent

looking at your beautiful pictures, sentiments and especially the music.

How wonderful to have the skill to present such a fantastic site to your visitors

and may I add many thanks to the various artists...You have made my christmas.

May I wish you too A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Regards Carol Ann

Thank you so very much for the joy and beauty.

Each and every one of your pages are more beautiful.

In these days of trials and tribulation, it is so peaceful to visit.

I thank you from my heart.

Happy Holidays to you and yours..


I loved looking at all of the gorgeous Christmas pictures.

I enjoyed your site so much.

You did a beautiful job.

Add to it. I love all of the artist drawings, too!

God Bless.

Merry Christmas.




I love your site;

it is a "must" stop during the holiday season.

Have a blessed Christmas and joyful New Year.


hola anne

i didn't know you had this lovely page



After opening a mound of oyster shells

I can well appreciate the fisherman's rapturous joy on sighting his first oyster of the day.

Well done Anne, top marks, have a gold star.

Capn Jack

What a lovely website. Thank you for taking the time and love to do this for us.


Thank you for creating this beautiful collection and making it available.

Just beautiul!! They bring back a flood of memories.

Is there any way to purhase copies?

Please keep your site going,it is so enjoyable.

I'll be visiting often. God bless, Brenda

I was looking to purchase Victorian christmas cards online and was lucky enough

to chance upon your website. The Victoriana images are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing!


I enjoyed your site very much.


I accidentally came upon your website and I love

the Victorian Thanksgiving greetings you put together.
Happy Thanksgiving to you.
Thanks so much.
Miami, FL



What an enchanting website!

Congratulations and thank you for a wonderfully relaxing visit.


Your site is the most beautiful I have ever seen bar none and I mean it!!!
Bernadette Wiseman

I love your designs. I am a clip art addict.

I love Victorian and vintage items.

I will continue to visit your site. I am book marking it.

I appreciate your hard work.

Mary Landreth

Hi there,

I love your collection and they are shown at their best on your beautiful website.

Searching through some drawers today I found 6 Victorian cards and 1 Edwardian card

which I had bought at a fair in Bedford meaning to start my own collection.

Finding them prompted me to look on the internet for further info and then I found your website.

Kind regards

I thought the pictures from "My Designs " were beautiful.

M. Da Ronch

Thank you so much for making your collection available.

An English friend of mine, we used to work together in Toronto,

Ontario, Canada, many years ago, now resides in Thailand.

So often, the most wonderful cards I received from him

were lovely Victorian pictures and I am looking

to put together his birthday wishes & came upon your sight.

Thanks you again,


How very wonderful.

I was looking for something really special to send by e-mail to my Aunt for her 79th birthday

and found your Victorian birthday cards.

I ended up sending her your website address so she could enjoy them all.

Thank you for bringing brighteness into both of our days.


Thank you, thank you, your site is just beautiful.


I thought your pictures were quite lovely.

I do so like the Victoriana era.

Keep up the good work...

I think you must be a very generous person with your time.


Very Nice. Just the thing to brighten my day.






You have truly made your site


Enjoyed it very much......



thank you!! what lovely cards!! they put a smile on my face.


Beautiful cards. Beautiful music.

Carol Ann

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you!

This is not my first time visiting.

And I will be back again. Your website is wonderful!


You have designed an absolutely fabulous website of beautiful animated pictures.

I make dolls (I am landofoz123 on ebay) and one day I would like to design a web site like yours.

Since I am new to the internet, any information you could send me would be wonderful.

Thank you for making it so beautiful and enjoyable!

Sincerely, Cindy

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you! This is not my first time visiting.

And I will be back again. Your website is wonderful!


I never saw anything as beautiful as your site.

It is worth coming back again and again.

Merry Christmas and the best in the coming New Year.


Thanks for the lovely site!


I was looking for vintage Christmas cards and found your garden along the way.

Very beautiful!


I just want to thank you so very much for such lovely Victorian Christmas images

you have created and uploaded to this site.

They are exactly what I was looking for when making my desktop wallpaper.

Thanks so much for a beautiful site. Merry Christmas to you! :0)


What a beautiful collections.

I have enjoyed my visit to your site and shall return.

Thank you for sharing this with us.


your homepage is soooo cute..


I'm absolutely delighted.

Your site is nothing but wonderful! Congratulations!

Thank you so much for sharing.


I loved your Victorian cards. I hope it will be ok with you.

I am making Christmas pins and crafts and want to use some of your images.

Is this alright? I loved the angels for example... Would you let me know? Thank you!


Love your garden tour!

I also love to garden and yours is so beautiful.

Thank you for sharing it. What a joy to see.


Just Wonderful


Greetings from Fall River, MA USA.

What a wonderful site you have.

I love it. Such hard beautiful work you do.

I really enjoyed it.

Good luck.

AWESOME site!!


Anne, the pages are great.

I was looking to find pictures to do an Easter page this year.

You inspired me! Best, Carolyn

Thank you for the wonderful images!


merci pour ces pages enchanteresses


Anne, I am totally enamoured, enchanted, thrilled, by your website.

It was sent to me by a member in my yahoo group, not sure how she found it.

We were brought by the Easter card collection that you have.

I viewed every single picture and again am amazed by the amount of cards that you have

and how beautifully you have displayed them.

Very very interesting, your decorating your cottage and your garden.

The thing I see missing is a picture of your beautiful face.

Keep up the good work, I will return.

Sharon, USA

I love your designs. I am a clip art addict.

I love Victorian and vintage items.

I will continue to visit your site. I am book marking it.

I appreciate your hard work.


This site it fantastic.

I am enjoying it so very much, I don't want it to end.

Your site is the most beautiful I have ever seen~~~ bar none and I mean it!!!





Delightful web site.

The Victorian era was a difficult time, but it produced some wonderful art work.

And people still could believe in faeries!


This is one of the most beautiful Victorian websites I have seen.

All I can say is "Thank you", "Thank you" for sharing your tremendous talent with everyone.

Your pictures and backgrounds are lovely......!

Anne Huitrado

Beautiful images!


Thank you for this wonderful've done such beautiful work!

It is my honor to use your graphics as my greeting card ephemera.


I watched your site with my 4 year old little friend,

and we were full of ohh´s, ahh´s and how sweet's for a long time.

thank you, thank you from the both of us :)


Thank you so much for such a beautiful site and I appreciate such the hard work you put into it.

Everything was so lovely. I live in Finland and I originally come from America.

This is the first time I have seen your site..

Thanks again.. I plan to share with others... It is very precious.


What a lovely collection of Victorian Cards.

Ahh, for a more peaceful time.

Thank you for sharing these with us .


Very well put we both enjoyed it very much.

Best wishes Norah and Peter

I just wanted to tell you that I totally enjoyed my time at your site.I
found it while looking for Victorian Christmas images and decided to
browse.What a wonderful place it is!!! I have bookmarked it because I'm not
done yet.Oh I had such a grand time there,I'm definitely going back.Thank
you so much for sharing.And tell Clementine Emily says "hello"

Anne, I really liked your site.

Merry Christmas and God Bless your day.


Merci pour le rêve des belles cartes de l'époque victorinne
J'adore !


I so love anything old esp. pictures thankyou for sharing with us in a truly beautiful way.

As these picture's are quite old they should be enjoyed by everyone freely.

I love looking at them over & over again you can feel the warmth & magic.

God Bless!


Hello! I love your cards!

My twins, Elly and Tommy, are doing a school project

on "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens and have to make a Victorian Era Christmas Card.

At first it was only them looking, but as soon as I saw how beautiful

Tommy's card print-out was, I had to see this for myself!

They got A's on their projects and I got a new interest in antique cards!

Thank You!

Amelia R.

I thought your cards are great.


Nice, very beautiful! Amazing.. I like your site.


magnifique! bravo!!!


Dear Anne,
I had to email you to say thank you for your lovely website.I am home
schooled and Mum and I were looking for some ideas for our Christmas
concert.We found your website and sat for over half an hour singing along
and going "ooh " and "ahh" It was great!
Thanks again
Love Rosie.

Gorgeous site. You are very talented.


I've enjoyed your website.

I don't remember how I found this.

Victoriana has always been my favorite.

Thanks for sharing them.

May I recommend to have Fall (autumn) theme?

Autumn is always my favorite time of the year, too.

Thanks again!


Congratulations! It's a very lovely page - good work!

Even tough it's a bit too early: a merry christmas to you!

Wish you all the best. Warm greetings from Austria


I love this website. Look at it regularly. Thank you!


A beautiful site. I love anything Victorian.

The music is very nice also. Thank you!!


Your sight is marvelous!

I love visiting it.

Could you please let me know the temperature

for the gingerbread in Farenheit?

Thank you again for bringing joy to so many people.

May you have a blessed Christmas.

Take care,


Beautiful Images

I have really enjoyed looking through them and I'll certainly come back.

Thank You


What a wonderful site -

The presentation and the pictures are brilliant.


Lovely images!


I really enjoyed your site.

It is one of the best sites

for Victorian images I have seen.

Thank you for letting me view.


FANTASIC! what more can i say?


You have a beautiful site,

I love your victorian card collection

and you have a lovely home (and adorable pets)!!


Your web site is wonderfull

thank you for putting it all together.

T. Cole

Hi, while trying to locate a site where I had gotten Victorian graphics
last year, I stumbled onto your beautiful site. I hope it's okay, I copied
a few - they will be used to create gifts for a lady's group that I belong
to. I'm very impressed with the quality of your images - very clear,
colorful, and just simply gorgeous! While I didn't find the site I was
looking for, I'm glad I found yours! Thanks, Dianne

This is one of the most beautiful Victorian websites I have seen.

All I can say is "Thank you",

"Thank you" for sharing your tremendous talent with everyone.

Your pictures and backgrounds are lovely......!

Anne Huitrado

Dear Anne,

thank you for sharing your talent.

I'm a teacher and use your designs to put on the back of cards

I use for teaching children to learn our language.

Greetings from Belgium. Ria

This must be one of the most interesting, inspiring and beautiful sites I
have seen. So imaginative. I absolutely love it and will return again - it
is way after midnight and I could get addicted but must go to bed.

Thank you so much for this.

With love from Val

I just wanted to say that I think your site is wonderful and I really enjoy
visiting it!

Thank you!

Mary Ellen Pittsley

What a great site. Thank you so much for making all this available.


What a lovely site thanks so much for sharing your lovely work.

I would love to be able to do things like this but for now

will just enjoy looking at your work.

Regards Pat x

I love your victorian cards! I make my own cards

and like to use victoran images on the front of them.

I will be checking back to see what you have new!

Great site!


Just wanna drop by to say "I've really enjoy your website,

espeically with all those beautiful flowers!

Thanks for sharing them.


Wonderful site. Have really enjoyed it.

Thank you for all the time and effort you have gone too to share with us.


What a beautifully designed web site and such exciting images,

shall certainly visit again.


Hi Anne, just a line or two to say a big thankyou for this site!

i love it, keep up the good work, yours is one of my favourites!.

best wishes to you and yours from me and mine!. Kim in North Wales.

A truly amazing website.

I felt very moved.




I'm 67 years young. & so

new to the computer. about 7 months.

your sight is one of the best. & this is the first comment I have

made to any of them.

I live in a little town in Calif. U.S.A." Clovis"

I have two pets , dogs little ones.

you are a very talented lady

May God Bless you


I absolutely love your site. It has everything I have been looking for and more.

I have a fondness for the vintage designs, especially the animals.

I too will soon be a grandmother and am creating a book of poems for my new grandson.

I am embellishing the poems with my ideas and find that your designs fit with my ideas.

Thank you for taking the time to create such a wonderful resource.

I look forward to seeing what the future has in store.

Thanks again,


Chère Anne

J'ai beaucoup aimé tes nouvelles photos d'Italie et les nouvelles cards de mother's day

et Victorian's pages,elles sont magnifiques.

Je t'embrasse très fort.


You have a beautiful website.

Victorian cards are my favorite.

Thanks !!


Beautiful evocative designs. I loved them all.

Have inspired me in my own card making ideas.


Anne you have done it once again.

Made a beautiful place to come, sit, read and enjoy life's pleasures you have given.

Keep up the great work.



A friend sent me the address to your website. I'm glad I took the time to browse.

Everything is BEAUTIFUL! Great job and I know you spent hours getting everything just right.

I love your photographs and clip art features on your pages.

Georgia....from the USA

I enjoyed your pictures very much. I was surfing for some

Mother's Day pictures and landed on your site.

My husband and I love flowers of all kind. He has really got

hooked on day lilies. Since he is retired he has expanded

his garden. He is a Master Gardener

so is very knowledgeable about flowers.

Have a Great Day!

Earika in Tennessee

Yours is a lovely Web site, and I use images from it to send electronic holiday or birthday greetings

to friends and relations. Thanks very much!

David Anthony

hello anne.

every day you make more interesting the web

and it is so agreeable to enter de temps en temps ........

have a nice summer and i hope to see you a fribourg

un besote pilina

Best compiliation on victorian images I have seen yet.

Thanks for all your hard work.


I don't just like your site.......I adore it. I wish you knew how much I
have looked at it and been inspired by it.

You are incredibly generous with your collection and time and talent.

Best wishes!

Hello there,
My name is Lilian and I hope that you keep up this good work on this
wonderful page. Thank you and God Bless You!

Beautiful website! I enjoyed the photographes and the 'footsteps in the sand'.

Got your address from an 'ancienne' from 'La Chassotte'.


(Liechtenstein / San Sebastian)

Fantastique collection de photos et dessins!!!Merci.
Maria Antonia

Your photos are stunning, amazing. I have visited Isola Bella and fell in
live with it also. Thanks!!!
Catherine. Lincoln.

Wonderful pictures.


Your victorian cards collection are great! Thanks for sharing them.


absolutely beautiful!!

i have no idea why i love victorian designs,artwork,etc..but i do

and your site is great!! keep up the great work.


I'm a Dive Sup'v recently been on the B.Protector..

thought your site had a really nice Xmas theme.. i'm in Trinidad working at the moment

so thank you for the festive boost thats missing here.


hi Anne - Your site is wonderful!

Very beautiful to view...Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!


Loved them all but especially the babes and the gardens.


You have a wonderful collection of cards and pictures

thanks for sharing them.


Found your site by accident. What a lovely surprise.


Anne.........I really enjoyed exploring your website.

It would have to be one of the best I have seen. Thank you for sharing with us.

Anne (Australia)

I found your site accidentally. I am so impressed.

As I am a Victorian Era lover, I've admired your collection.

It is so obvious that I'll be a frequent visitor to your wonderful web site.

Best wishes, Rengin Yazitas


Many thanks for such lovely pictures which allow us to travel through the past and forget our problems.

Very very good job


Cathy..... (France)

I love your website- the tribute to Mothers Day and the images you so kindly share.

Thank you I will come back.


Beautiful site very relaxing.


Your photographs reminded me of my 2 years in East Anglia when I served in US Air Force, 1981-1983.

East Anglia was so wonderful, quite a culture shock for a young man from Virginia.


Thank you for sharing your passion with other victorian card lovers.

It is so wonderful....

Thanks a lot, God bless you !



Absolutely wonderful!

You have the right touch...I will be looking forward to your upcoming works of art.

Thank you!


Dear Anne, An error occurred when I tried to sign your guest book.

Your web site is absolutely beautiful and I am looking forward to returning.

Thank you so much for the "LOVE" I felt.

Sincerely, Esther from Porterville, California United States of America

Cards are beautiful - will visit again

Shari Parker

You are the best¡¡¡¡¡

Rosa María de la Quintana

Wonderful beauty shining from your heart. It must be of God!

Thanks for being you!

Your website is absolutely fabulous!

The pictures are so fibrant and makes me want

to walk right into the scene and enjoy the sights and sounds!

Thank you for sharing your lovely photo album with us!

I'm looking forward to more visits to your wonderful website.

Best Wishes, Joline Ganus

Spearfish, South Dakota, USA

Hello Anne,

You have a marvellous collection of cards , I enjoyed very much seeing them.

I surely will give the link to my CQ friends!
With kind regards,
from The Netherlands,

Jeanne Gagnaux

I love your cards! They are wonderful. Have a great day.


Thank you, I did enjoy your website of images.

A few there I had not seen before.


I have really enjoyed looking at your lovely images.

I am a Crazy Quilter and many of your images

will be wonderful to print out on fabric to use in CQ projects.

A big thank you.


Thank you for your beautiful cards. I have enjoyed them.


i was looking at your victorian cards they are just beautiful. your
work is just wonderful.. i wish i could buy cards like them in the
stores... i love the victorian era,,, God bless your work.. i enjoy looking at
them very much.. i had to e mail you tell you of your wonderful work..
and Easter is my Favourite holiday. God bless you.

donna beck

A great site, loved the time I spent here.


Wow, the Christmas pages are fantastic. What a clever lady you are!!

Sue and Maude

Congratulations on being a Grandmother-

your website is truly a joy to see,

it really puts a warm feeling in one's heart -

Thank you
Message to you from Australia..

Very nice pictures, I like the spirit of your web site..

everything looks nice and somehow happy.

ljiljana skero

I love your pics, keep up the good work, thank you :)


Thank you for the wonderful Christmas feeling your pictures gave me!

Merry Christmas Wishes

Outi Helena..Sweden



Desde Caracas, Venezuela

Thank you for sharing your
beautiful Christmas themes!
I enjoyed browsing through
each and every one of them.
I hope you continue to have
such lovely themes in the
years to come to share with
us out here in cyberspace!
We hope you have a joyous,
wonderfilled Holiday Season!


Thanks. This is a beautiful site. Merry Christmas


We certainly enjoyed looking at all your victorian pictures.

It took us back to when we were growing up and looking at our grandmothers cards etc.

Thank you for your site.

Happy Holidays

Judy and Ann

Your pictures are very cool and awesome!

I have them on my desktop every different time of year.

thank you for designing them.


Thank you very much for your beautiful victorian pictures.

They are wonderful!

I make several cards for my family and friends.

So I can make them happy too! It was a suprise to me, that you have so many pictures.

Thanks again from the Netherlands!


Dear Anne,
As an Englishman now living in the U.S.A. I often visit your site when I
want a taste of England.
I was born and lived in Kent for a good part of my life and although it
is not your area, at times I am reminded of it whilst at your website.
I love to see your cards, you must have quite a collection. The way you
have set the pages out is neat and attractive.
I look forward to another visit to your site again in the near future.
Colin Baker








Just found your very nice site,Thank you.


I found your site so soothing, thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to set it up.

I entered it while looking for a Victorian Christmas card idea I could use for a charity

I founded fifteen years ago to help disadvantaged young people.

I really do like your site, once again many thanks for sharing it.


What a Wonderful site!Just Beautiful!
I have enjoyed it much.
I would like to Invite you to join us at the
Ladies Of Distinction

LoVe It!

Your page is very pritty and well done. Caitlin age 14.

Your Site is so beautiful! I too love to take pictures of my garden.

The Victorian era is my favorite, in fact my Grandmother was named after Queen Victoria

and they called her Queen


Thanks for your great backgrounds! Keep it up!

Ramon xxx

Congratulations for your wonderful job!

I would also like to thank you for your beautiful designs

which I have used on my website.

Found your site by accident. What a lovely surprise.

Robin Brown

Beautiful garden. I enjoyed seeing all the pics. take care. bye!


Hi Anne,
Thank you for one of the very best background sites I have visited. Its been
a joy to look at all your beautiful creations. I shall use them as
backgrounds for my emails, as I hate plain boring ones.

Your site is absolutely lovely!

The peaceful music beckoned me to linger a little longer.

The images are beautiful!

Kelly Olsen



Thank you for many beautiful pictures! I used some of them in my class.

Kids were very happy to see them.

We are learning English cultures, such as Christmas, Mothering Day and Easter.

George Ushijima

Fukuoka Japan

Beautiful cards. I used a few for my family.


Congratulations! I was delighted to learn the news about your beautiful new grandchild.

I just wanted to let you know that words cannot express how excited I was

when I finally found your beautiful website after countless frustrating hours of searching for Victorian images;

you don't know how much I genuinely appreciate all your painstaking work.

I'm begging you, please, PLEASE continue to bring beauty into our lives through your wonderful website.

Thank you so much; the world is a better place because of you!!

Mary Catherine

A delightfully crafted website! Well done.

John Hutchinson

I love your beautiful Victorian images.

It is so nice to know you have this sight so I can come and get

beautiful victorian art for cards and other craft projects.

Thank you for sharing your collection!
God Bless You!


Just love your Victorian card collection - added your site to my bookmarks.

Fiona in Austin, Texas.

I enjoyed your website. Cards are very beautiful.


Thank you for the wonderful pictures. I enjoyed your site .


Thanks for the beautiful cards I have seen...

Ola. Poland

Absolutely fantastic! I cannot wait to tell my friends. Thank you.


Great photos and I must say I have a soft spot for the Victorian Cards. Thanks for sharing!

Alva Aguirre Farmer. Texas.

I really loved your are very talented..Thanks so much for the great victorian graphics.

Sue Mc.

God has given you a beautiful gift of giving beauty to the world of turmoil.

Thank you for your gift of sharing the beauty and to remind us that not everything is dark.

May God continue to bless you and your family.

I too am a grandmother and love it!

Jackie, Massachusetts, USA.


How lovely! I spent a lot of time trying to find victorian images for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving.

I make my own cards and love the nostalgia of an era I would love to have lived in!

I feel I have come home when I see the beautiful images on your site.

What a labour of love! Thank you. I will be visiting quite often. Have a Happy Easter.


I have never signed a guest book before, so I want you to know how much I appreciate your cards!

I love old cards, they just create warm feelings in my heart. I love the old fashioned flowers used in them.

I used to have a florist shop and I was raised by an incredible gardener, so they are beautiful.

Some of your cards are ones that I've seen before, I'm sure.

Maybe our paths have crossed before and I didn't sign the guestbook.

So, here's for all the times I've viewed your site. It's wonderful!


I love everything u do and will use your ideas to help me plan my garden.

thank u so much for all the work u've done, and most of all for sharing it.

Annie, Louisianna.

I love your photos. Thank you for sharing. ! Happy Valentines Day!


this is by far the most beautiful site i have ever seen.

i just love the victorian cards, i have been to other victorian sites but this is the best i have ever seen,

keep up the wonderful work.

thank-you ever so much, i have finally found the best and right site to go to.

jessie spiece, Canada.

Love your site and all it encompasses.


To our best shared moments, to our best memories,
to our shared past and to our successful future, what it may be.

yours 'La Chassotte'

Nilgoon Farhangi

wonderfull pictures-
I will sure come again!


I just wanted to say Hi and Thank You for your site!

Do you have any cards available for purchase?
thanks again,

Cynthia Jimenez, Hawaii.

I found some wonderful cards.

I am a Volunteer at the local Nursing Home

and these lovely cards are just perfect for my "Ladies"


A lovely site! Thanks for sharing your collections with the world!

Have a wonderful holiday!
Eve in Athens, GA USA

what a nice treat!
thank you.

Trudy Small

I found your site while searching for Christmas images-victorian.

It's nice to find someone who is sharing without it being a commmercial enterprise.

It feels good.

I'm going to make home-made cards for Christmas

using some of my stuff and some of your images. Thank you for your great site.


Thank you for the beautiful cards.

It was a pleasure just looking at them and I got
some great ideas. bye for now.

Jacqueline Horry

Your photos are beautiful.

Warmest wishes and I hope you continue with the good work.

June Gumsley



Your web site is absolutely beautiful and I am looking forward to returning.

Thank you so much for the "LOVE" I felt...


Porterville, California United States of America

I really like the backgrounds.

It is going to help me design my power point presentation for my multimedia class.

Thank you!... Nicole
Nicole Hernandez
Basehor, Kansas, United States

Thank you for creating such a beautiful and user friendly site.

I have put you on my favorites list so I can come back again and again. Lovely images.
Missouri, USA

Truly lovey. Thank you
Trudy Small
Busby, Mt., Big Horn

Your web site is really nice.
Thank you.
carmen arango
Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Thank you for the beautiful backgrounds, the best I have seen so far. Keep up the good work.

Mary: Lancashire, England, UK

I really enjoyed your web site! Beautiful pitcures! I can't wait to see more.
Cheryl Shirley
hot springs, arkansas, united states

Hi, I love your website (the whole of it, but especially the 'American images')

I'll look around and see if I can send you some links for free, usable American clip art....

Thanks! Tish Holmes, wife of U.S. Air Force member, stationed in Germany

Spangdahlem, Germany, North Carolina, USA

These pages are a real dream during a few minutes. That helps forgetting sad reality.

Many thanks for such lovely cards.



Hi...have found your website while searching for swiss rosti recipe and yours is great.

It is such a beautiful and creative website!


It was a pleasure to visit this site, I will come again.

It is obvious that you enjoy your work, and you should, it's beautiful!
Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.A.

Your site gets better and better.

Love the garden pictures, you should exhibit at the Chelsea flower show
Galashiels, Scottish Borders, Scotland

Thank you for such a beautiful site ! I have been here for hours.

It is just what I have been looking for, for such a long time ! It is wonderful !

The only thing is.... I wish we could click on some of the small photo's to enlarge them.

They are so pretty. I'LL BE BACK !!
Dianna Sconce
Graham , Texas, USA

Thank you for a beautiful site and great ideas.

I have recently started making crazy quilt gift items such as stuffed animals and ornaments.

I was looking for ideas to print on cloth to add as 'patches' to my work.

You have some great things on your page and I have 'borrowed' a few.

People like you make it easy for people like me to be creative! Thanks again!
Lynne Stephenson
Sioux Falls, SD, USA

Thanks so much for the wonderful work.

I can appreciate the time and efforts you have so lovingly put into this.

You never know who you may touch in this technical world.

My second grade class is excited about being able to use one of your backgrounds

for a project they are working on for our class website.

Thank you from all of us.
K. Slaven
Odon, Indiana, USA

Loved your page.
Hazel Burton
Rotorua, New Zealand

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Seeing your victorian cards was a pleasure I haven't experienced in many years.
You made me very, very happy.
GOD bless.

Daniela Bordeianu

Very nice thank you. I especially like the pansy/yellow/pink set. Its beautiful.
Portland, Or, USA

Anne, I am from South Africa, I think you images are very
special, so are you. That is a Great Gift from God, I hope
all your dreams come true.

From a very Friendly South African
God Bless you

Ans J van Vuuren
Brits, Transvaal, South Africa

I really enjoyed your site. Beautiful pictures and captions.

I look forward to returning to this site again soon.
Melissa Hurd
New Boston, New Hampshire, U.S. A

Just beautiful!
Schenecady, NY, USA

Thank you so much for sharing your work.

What a wonderful delight! I will be back to visit often!
Lori Lucero
Napa, CA , USA

This is such a beautiful site!!! You are very talented! Keep up the good work!
Parma, Ohio, United States

I was overjoyed to find your site. Truly wonderful.
Yvette Linklater
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

You are doing beautiful work.
Thank you.

I have just come across your wonderful site, just lovely.

I live in Australia and will love returning from time to time.

Thank You

I really enjoyed your website.

We lost our Jack Russel 6 months ago, aged 2,

and yesterday we put to sleep our old dog (heinz 57) aged 15.

We are desperate for another Jack Russell,

and I had gone on the internet to look for one.

They are the most brilliant dogs. Good luck with your website.



Corpus Christi, TX, US

Just found your site. It is lovely. Congratulations.
Mona Cole
Anaconda, Montana, United States

Thank you, I love it!
Houston, Texas

Beautiful - thanks for sharing - I am a Victorian fanatic -love the Easter cards!
Jennifer Geiman
Mountville, PA, USA

Absolutely lovely!! Thank you so much. I downloaded some webpage backgrounds.

I have no idea how to create one but wish I could.

You have done a lovely job!!
Paula Huber
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

I have really enjoyed your site. It is so wonderful to see all of the beautiful cards.

I have a few Easter postcards that were my great-grandmother's.

Nothing like your collection. Thanks!

I could look at these all day.

Thanks again! Sincerely Barb C.

Beautiful site!! I love the collection of victorian cards!
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland.

Laegerdorf, Germany, Germany

Dear Anne, just checking your website again. Got onto it by accident.

It still looks great. I love the background music.

Last year I graduated with my Masters!!

Remember trying to do my BTheol when you were in Frankston?

You were soaking up the sun while I was struggling to write on Icons!!!!!

I send you much love, Joan fcJ
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Thank you for the lovely graphics.

I do love Victorian art and it was so difficult this St Patricks day to make cards

for my elder friends who will never own a computer but love what I make for them.

I am not a graphic artist at all but admire a love to make and send cards

to many whose families are far away and so many have gone on.

You are helping me make many happy.

I am older too but fortunate to enjoy sculpting and doing creative things by my hands.

I can only admire the html codes etc you do to make this site.

Again thank you for myself the joy of them and for others the joy they will feel.

Shirley Anne Farnsworth
Middletown, Ohio, USA

Your web site is one of the best ever!
Lorraine Lightel
New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Thank you for sharing your lovely site with me.

Fullerton, California, USA.

Beautiful site! Love the graphics :-) I'll be checking back in again.
Georgia, USA

Mike Dunkin
Greencastle, IN, U.S.A.

mexico, tabasco, cunduacan

It's great!
Fayetteville, Georgia, USA

I discovered this site after Christmas but still enjoyed it very much.

Thank you for being so giving.
neen rieck
oxford, pennsylvania, chester

Your web site is WONDERFUL! I absolutely love it. The victorian cards are just beautiful.

I enjoy viewing them often. Thank you so much for your time and excellent work.

What a wonderful way to bring cheer into peoples lives.

Love to you...
Darcie Love
Stockton, California, USA

Really wonderful ! I enjoyed your website very, very much,

and I thank you for all the love and lots of work AND

amounts of TIME you must have spent designing it.

All the best wishes ! Lola
Lola Skwarczynski
Melle, Niedersachsen, Germany

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