Thank you for signing my guestbook


Lovely site.
Northern Ireland - Tuesday 24 December 2002

IT is a great site! I have missed Little Peter!
Shelby Abel
Cranston, RI, USA - Monday 23 December 2002

I so much enjoyed your Website. It's one of the most beautiful ones I've seen. You must be blessed. I loved the Victorian Christmas card. I wanted to copy them with your permission, but I think I should just leave it as it is. It's too perfect. Love to you. Happy Holidays! *DiademofRoses*
California, USA - Sunday 22 December 2002

today I was looking for Victorian postcards specially for Christmas.How lovely!I found your website...It´s really great.I love the cards and the backgrounds.In Germany they are hard to get and my aunts and uncles in Scotland/Ireland are dead or emigrated to Australia.Greetings and a Merry Christmas. Ute

Germany - Saturday 21 December 2002

very nice. best i've seen so far.

hamilton, ont, canada - Wednesday 18 December 2002

This is such a beautiful wedsite. I was just looking up to see where the tradition of kissing under a miseltoe came from. Very informative and very beautiful pictures
Monica Fleming
New York, United States - Wednesday 18 December 2002

Your website has the most beautiful backgrounds and images that I have found yet. I am so glad I found this site!
Traci Garland
Savannah, Ga, USA - Saturday 14 December 2002

It is a joy. Very relaxing to view and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for taking the time to do this!
joanie broussard
Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada - Wednesday 11 December 2002

It's beautiful, I love the collection of victorian cards.
Carlisle, Ohio, United States - Thursday 05 December 2002

Your site was very good. i was not expecting what i saw. I didn't think it would be this good and organized. So u did a great job on it.
Larry Whitlock
Sellersburg, Indiana, United States - Wednesday 04 December 2002

Your site is great! I love the Victorian Christmas cards!
Maureen McCormick
Berkeley, California, USA - Wednesday 27 November 2002

I love your website....

Jen Cirilo

Jennifer Cirilo
Springdale , AR, USA - Friday 22 November 2002

Thank you for sharing these lovely images and cards. I love the victorian era, and viewing these sweet cards made me wish for a safer and more innocent time.
debbie tabilio
westminster, Maryland, United States - Friday 15 November 2002

I was looking up misletoe to check out something for my granddaughter and found your wonderful site--very pleasant and just my style--I compliment you on your taste!! I had to keep looking.
Visalia, California, USA - Sunday 10 November 2002

What an absolutely beautiful website I have found! Your care in designing and musical renditions have quite found themselves a delightful home to many visitors.

Your family is blessed and I do so hope appreciate their mother/grandmother, too. I would love to learn to create a site such as this one. Take care and God bless you.

Mary Jo Whitmore
Margate, Florida, USA - Wednesday 06 November 2002

Absolutely lovely! thank you! What a time the Victorian period must have been. I also love the music.
Lakeland, , FL, USA - Tuesday 05 November 2002

I have seen alot of victorian backgrounds and i will have to rate you the best of all! Beautiful work! This is a treasure.......Thanks for sharing that with us.
Tina Calderon
chula vista, ca, san diego county, usa - Monday 04 November 2002

Oh my Anne how beautiful your garden is this year. I loved looking at all the pictures you have up. The wisteria is fantastic. Gardeners here would love them as some find them hard to get blooming.
As usual Anne your home on the net is awe inspiring.
your friend

Ontario, Canada - Saturday 02 November 2002

WESTMORELAND, TENNESSEE, MACON - Thursday 31 October 2002

Hallo Anne, I love Izzie's updates. What loverly photographs and graphics. I think I have added a rose
butterfly and music to my site since your last visit.
Also, feel free to look at Rays Pics. He is a dear friend
I met online who is a Brit but retired in Holland. I
gave him his own little private section but it is for all
to enjoy. Ta Ra, Candy

Candace (Candy) Pfau
Interlachen, Florida, USA. Tuesday 08 October 2002

Most enjoyable, every bit of it. I share your love of photography and gardening, all things 'victorian' and of course dear England, although I have never been there.
Thanks for the wonderful pictures, and info on this fun site!! Keep up the good work!!!I have also sent a personal email.

Elwell, Michigan, U.S.A, Thursday 12 September 2002

I just love your web page you have such A great talent. You also have A wonderful Family.

Keep up your good work. God Bless.
Reidsville, NC, USA - Thursday 12 September 2002

Beautiful work!!! Everything is so pretty and enchanting.
Best wishes...Leah

Leah Waggoner
Bicknell, IN, USA - Wednesday 11 September 2002

Beatiful site would love to subscribe if is possible.
Shawna Bernardo
Visalia, CA, USA - Wednesday 11 September 2002

Wonderful pictures....Thank you.. marilena

Roma, Italia. Tuesday 20 August 2002

You have created a lovely site that brings back many memories of the past. Thank You.
Joan McElroy
Spanish Fort, AL, USA. Wednesday 14 August 2002

hi,I found your site really beautifull, in a pure and clean way, that I hardly encounter on the web these days. Will be happy to see it develope.
Tali M.

Israel. Monday 29 July 2002

Dear Anne, I found your website by using
I am presently working on a crazy quilt, my first effort at a quilt. I was
looking for victorian images, and yours are wonderful! I can see that it
must have taken a long time and much effort.
The site is done in such a beautiful way, and feels as if I stepped back in
time, if it weren't for the fact that I am sitting in front of my computer!
Thank you for the inspiration!

Jeanine O'Neill. 24th July, 2002

I can't begin to tell you how very beautiful your web-site is, I enjoyed it so very much. I'm in the process of making a scrapbook of victorian cards, I so love them.

Thank you for your beautiful images.
p.s. congratulations on becoming a grandma, I have 3 myself, they are so enjoyable.

Eileen Elgin
Rochester, Mn., U.S.A. Thursday 18 July 2002

BEAUTIFUL! This is the best site i have seen so far on the web. Perfect!
Miss Shergold
southampton, england, uk Monday 08 July 2002

FORT MILL, SC, USA Tuesday 18 June 2002

Anne, What a beautiful website. Such wonderful children.
And Isabelle Lily. Such a beautiful name. Recently we took
a trip to Norfolk. We were there to attend a wedding in
Norwich of our exchange student. I did not attend a girls
school. But my parents sent me away at 18 to live with my Aunt and Uncle in Paris, France. At the time I hated them.
But now I appreciate their sacrifice. I was able to travel
to Bosnia when visa's were first issued. And I also saw Venice and Switzerland. We took the ferry from Bar, Italy to Yugoslavia. How I wish I could see Budapest one day. It looks so old and lovely. Your cottage is lovely. My grandmother was born in Oxford, England. And she gave me her very own copy of 'Water Babies'. How lovely to find another person who can quote from my favorite Fairytale. My family lives in Florida and Colorado.

Ta Ra Anne, Candace. Candace Fuller Pfau
Interlachen, Florida, United States - Tuesday 18 June 2002

Hallo Anne, Dear Anne,
das ist eine wunderschöne Seite. This is a very sweet site!
Ich bin total begeistert. I am totally enthusiastic.
Mit vielen freundlichen Grüssen aus Deutschland.
With many friendly Greetings from Germany.

Angela Stark
Kamp-Lintfort, Deutschland, Nordrhein-Westfalen .Wednesday 15 May 2002

Always success!

lina wati
Kuala kangsar, Perak, Malaysia - Wednesday 08 May 2002

I think that it's the best web-site i've ever seen...

with this wonderful music and the pictures are superb!!!
congratulations on this web-site!!! you are the best!!!
now i know from where i will send all my e-cards!!!

Constanta, Constanta, Romania - Friday 03 May 2002

Constantza, Constantza, Romania. Thursday 02 May 2002

I have enjoyed my time in your home, and have bookmarked it so that I can return. I just love the graphics that you have. Well Done!
Denise Maher
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - 02:04:37 Sunday 28 April 2002

Thank you so much for posting the Victorian Easter chick greeting cards.

I have been looking for the one with the parasol for ages, and the others are delightful also.

They are so beautiful. Happy Easter to you and yours.
Pandora MacMillan
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Sunday 31 March 2002

What a lovely site! Thank you for sharing the beautiful Victorian images!

I look forward to coming back. Happy Easter! Congratulations on your grandchild,too!

Jeanne Kengla

Grants Pass, Oregon, U.S.A. - Saturday 30 March 2002

An excellent site, beautifully laid out and first class graphics,

the best I have seen for some time, Thank you.TP
Tom Power
Glengormley, County Antrim, N.Ireland - Saturday 30 March 2002

I love to see the old art!
Roslyn McLean
Ypsilanti, Washtenaw/Michigan, U.S.A. . Tuesday 26 March 2002

Your site is quite lovely. Thank-you for sharing your wonderful talents with us.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States - Monday 25 March 2002

I really loved your site, I truly love victorian anything~ Great Job!

Your garden is soooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
USA - Sunday 24 March 2002

Thank you for such a beautiful web page. I have enjoyed looking at the backgrounds. I am a true admirer of the Victorian era, and I just loved everything about your site!

Stacey Carothers
altoona, pa, USA. Saturday 23 March 2002

I love your Victorian Card collection! I am a Swedish artist who enjoys
looking at beautiful pictures for inspiration. Thank you, they are lovely!
Yours sincerely

Friday 22 March 2002

Love this site!
Jane Stone
Tucson, AZ, USA - Friday 22 March 2002

Beautifully presented site. Thanks for gathering all these lovely old pictures and sharing them. I could spend hours here.
oklahoma, usa - Saturday 16 March 2002




Buenos Aires, Argentina, Saturday 09 March 2002

Your Backgrounds are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing
Tampa, U.S.A. Thursday 07 March 2002

Such a lovely website. My sister (Natalie) is a friend of Vicky Jones.

She told me what a nice site you had produced. Well done!!!
Coventry, Midlands, UK. Monday 04 March 2002

Thank you Anne for sharing your talents and things of beauty with the
world of Internet users.
I myself and my friends have enjoyed your site. Very well put together
and it keeps my interest.
Mrs. Smith.
1st March, 2002

Great, great, simply great.......

Thanks to you I have found some of my old schoolmates and my school 'La Chassotte'.
What a delightful idea to reunite us.
Thanks again Anne, you're the greatest.

Michele Schehade Bibi

Beirut, Lebanon. Friday 01 March 2002.

Your website is the Best I have seen in a long time. Thank you for sharing.

Tampa , Florida, U.S.A. - Friday, 1 March 2002.

I hope you keep creating such lovely pages.

It's wonderful that you share your talent with all who find you on the net.

Thanks again for your wonderful lovely work.

Nina Strand-Kaya
Oslo, Norway - Monday 18 February 2002

Your site is beautiful ! Thank you for taking the time to create it and for sharing it with us,

Guilford, CT, USA - Friday 15 February 2002

I enjoyed viewing your beautiful collection. For someone new at this, you are very talented.
Keep up the good work.


5th February, 2002

'CONGRATULATIONS' on a wonderful website. I have had a great time browsing through, and enjoyed reading about your family. Thank you for such wonderful cards, especially the Victorian sections. I shall look forward to returning to you site again real soon, and have passed the details onto several of my friends who have also had much pleasure when browsing through.

Keep up the great work.
Monika Lucas
Croydon, Surrey, England. Saturday 26 January 2002

Interesting and including many excellent pictures and photos.
catrin angharad
llandyrnog, denbighshire, wales. Thursday 17 January 2002

Well well this is one of the most pleasant pages i have been to. keep up the fantastic work.
Hagen, NRW, Germany. Monday 07 January 2002

You have a wonderful site!
I thoroughly enjoyed viewing it and hope to return soon to do it again.
You can be very proud of all your hard work....just marvelous!

California, USA. Monday 07 January 2002

Your site was recommended to me by Lucie Bell -

I understand that your daughter knows her sister Natalie from University days!

It is so pretty, romantic and nostalgic.

Have recommended that my friends take a look also!

Lilias Maddock
Coventry, England - Tuesday 01 January 2002

Thanks for the fondue recipe - we had all the ingredients but didn't know how to combine them!
Susie and Tim
London, UK. Friday, 28 December 2001

Got here at last (with Martin's help). Its great.
ann seasman
Liverpool, England, Wednesday 26 December 2001

I love your site and the music. I am very interested in your christmas card collection

and would like to know where I can purchase some.

Your web site is the most beautiful one I have seen. I enjoyed it very much
Becky Carlson
Faribault, RiceMinnesota, USA - Wednesday 05 December 2001

Anne - I'm in Australia and have been looking for really lovely borders for my final assessment in a graphic arts course I am doing with MICROSOFT PUBLISHER 2000. At last! I came across your borders and this will finish off my work beautifully. thank you!

Wendy Duncan: 27.11.2001

I just love your site
Bethal, Mpumalanga, South -Africa - Monday 22 October 2001

Your site is very beautiful and I am so honored to see such a wonderful site. Keep up the amazing work!
MA, USA - Wednesday 29 August 2001

Your victorian clip art was really nice, I have enjoyed looking at them and it gave me tons of ideas for some project I am working on for school.

san antion, tx, usa - Tuesday 21 August 2001

Your web site is a tonic, it gives us all so much pleasure and we just love Holly.

Hertford, Hertfordshire, England - Wednesday 11 July 2001

Congratulations on winning those awards Anne.
Well deserved in my view as your site is great!
I don't know if Wolf has told you, but you have a link from our Bar Protector site now, so I hope you get some traffic through us.
All the best.

Swindon, Wilts, UK - Tuesday 03 July 2001

A really lovely site. Fantastic photography. Are you a professional. if not why not? Will bookmark your site and return during the next few months. Thank you for sharing.
Maureen. Florida, USA- Sunday 24 June 2001

Hi! I was looking for... what was it that I started out looking for anyway!
Funny how that happens. Anyway... I stumbled on your site. I love what
you've done with it. Very interesting and fun. Congrats on your award!

Rosemary R. Smith
Connecticut, USA ...21.June,2001

Hi Anne, Bob here, ex Bar Protector, radio op. I was checking the BP site and saw the link and very well set out it is, well done. I have just started a page for the Semac1, very limited as it is my first attempt. Hope to improve over the next few months, The music on your page has given me a great idea for some sea shanty`s i will set up for certain pages on the site.
Bob McDonald
Liverpool, Tuesday 12 June 2001

Dear Anne: My daughter is pursuing her Masters in Business Administration. Part of their first assignment was developing a website. She did so and also one for me as a Mother's day present (I like to xeriscape here in Florida). Her teacher and fellow students thought your website was wonderful! Congratulations on your websites awards.

Mary Kleiss, Port Charlotte Florida.
Friday 01 June 2001

Great site...very pretty background and pictures...
Keep up the great work :)

Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Saturday 12 May 2001

It's lovely and getting lovlier!
Great to see that you're getting so many visitors.

Vicky and Toby
Norwich, Norfolk, Monday 07 May 2001

I really enjoyed this site. The old cards are priceless.
Wish there was more sites like this one. Wonderful!!!

Sharron Mongeau
Victoria, Texas, U.S.A. - 03:05:55 Thursday 19 April 2001


Joan Cartlidge fcJ
Richmond, Victoria, Australia - Saturday 14 April 2001

I love your web site, the music is so relaxing.
LaVerne Wrege
Mellen, WI, USA - Friday 13 April 2001

Hi Anne,
Greeting from one of the 'Villa' blokes.

Nice site. Amazing that we/I never knew your school existed.

By the way my wife's name is Anne too.

Ron Tee
VSJ '65

Hillsboro., Oregon, USA. Sunday 08 April 2001

Inspiring! Loved the musical background. Will revisit again.
Many thanks,

john everett
Dural, NSW, Australia - Wednesday 28 March 2001

Thank you for a wonderful site. I really enjoyed myself.

A real treat to see beautiful things in far places. Again, thank you.
Joanna B. Stauts
Tallahassee, Fl, USA. - Sunday 25 March 2001

Just visited your Easter site, and I must say that you have such
wonderful taste! I just love Ole Victorian cards and they never
go out of style.. Keep up the Great Work! ((((((HUG)))))):)
p.s. Have a Happy Easter! :)

Judy Kurtz
Willingboro, New Jersey, U.S.A. - Thursday 22 March 2001

I really enjoyed your pictures. I love gardens. Keep up the beautiful photography.
UNITED STATES - Thursday 22 March 2001

My gosh! I have never seen such a beautiful website and garden. Thank you. We are having a severe drought in Florida; tough water restrictions...our area is allowed to water one day a week, before eight and after four. Xeriscaped my little garden and surrounding area, so plants are doing OK. Hard to find native plants in my area though.

Thank you again for a great start to my day. Mary Kleiss. March 22, 2001.

Mary Kleiss
Port Charlotte, FLorida, USA - Thursday 22 March 2001

I am an anglophile so really enjoyed your photos,

it allowed me to take a short trip to England. Thank you
Liberty Center, Ohio, USA. Thursday 22 March 2001

Very nice,
I will return.
I got your link from my daughter's Homespun ideas web site.

Linda Boyd
Reno, Nevada, USA - Thursday 22 March 2001

I was directed here by a friend. I love the Easter cards
and the backgrounds you have made are just lovely. Keep me
updated if you add more!

USA - Saturday 17 March 2001

I enjoyed the addition of the Victorian Easter cards, and in fact copied a couple of them.

thanks for sharing them.

Pebble Jackson
Vancouver, Washington, USA - Saturday 17 March 2001

Very lovely Easter Card collection. Sandy sent me your site.
Hugs and keep up the great web work. soozy

Detroit Area, Michigan, USA - Saturday 17 March 2001

Mistyshadows told me of your site and lauded it highly. I now see she was correct. Beautiful! Have bookmarked it and will tell my wife about this. I thank you.
Saturday 17 March 2001

Merci pour la recette de rosti
Yvon R. Bourassa
Pôinte Claire, Quebec, Canada. Friday 16 March 2001

Where do you get the time to create such animations and jollity.
Val Leggate
Greatham, Hampshire, UK. Wednesday 14 March 2001

Anne, You have a wonderful web site. The photos are GREAT!
You have done a great work of art. I loved looking at all the flowers. I'm so glad I had a chance to visit and see your work. I'll stop in again soon. Give your doggy a treat and a pat for us.
Peace to you and yours,

South Carolina, US. Sunday 11 March 2001

hi Toby's mum and wolf!
love the site. not quite rough enough for Toby i guess!

i once stayed at the cottage with toby and alan, and it is even better in real life.
say hi to toby for me and try to get him to email me.
Mark Essen (aka Big Vern)

cardiff, south glam., welsh wales, Saturday 10 March 2001



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